House Concerts with John Michael Lind

Enjoy great music in your living room!

Now booking engaging Vancouver, Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island solo, acoustic shows!

House concerts let you and your friends enjoy great music and musicians in your home. They’re private events, organized by wonderful, supportive hosts like you, where you host a live concert in your living room, on your deck, in your backyard, in your barn, on your yacht, wherever works!

JML plays a heartwarming Roots, Folk/Rock mix of his touching and original songs on his handmade Tinker acoustic guitar, plus great songs from outstanding artists such as John Prine, Steve Earle, Van Morrison, Tom Waits, Hank Williams, Townes Van Zandt, Jerry Jeff Walker and more. Here’s some live video from a recent JML house concert: JML live

Getting out to see music in clubs and bars has become expensive, often it’s too loud, depending where you live there’s the whole cigarette smoke thing, and did I mention expensive? Drinks, parking or taxis, babysitters, it adds up. House concerts are only $10-$20 at the door, you can meet your friends there, and you get to see fantastic musicians right close up. Time and accessibility matter too: it’s quicker and easier to go to a friend’s house than to a downtown venue. Host a concert! Invite your friends! What a great way to spend an evening!

Larry, North Vancouver

You are in charge of who comes to your home – to protect your privacy JML neither publicly promotes the show nor invites any guests. Typically a small acoustic style amp is all JML uses to balance voice and guitar, but it’s nothing loud, so no neighbour problems. (Though it’s always good to invite your closest neighbours if you’re at all concerned about volume levels!)

Check the links below for lots of great info and how-tos about hosting house concerts, and if you want to book a fun, entertaining musician to put on a great show in your living room, contact JML via the email form here or email directly at

Host Your Own Roots, Folk/Rock House Concert!

Now booking Vancouver, Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island shows!

JML plays fun, captivating house concerts, and they’re a great way to see a creative, highly entertaining musician in a friendly, intimate setting. Many people are finding it’s quicker, easier, and less expensive to go to a concert at a friend’s house than to make the big trek downtown.

Here’s some video from a recent JML House Concert: JML Live

Enjoy heartwarming solo acoustic Roots and Folk/Rock music in your own living room – invite your friends, maybe have a potluck, for sure have a whole lotta fun and a truly memorable evening! You can be a culture hub!
House concerts are not public events – to protect your privacy, JML does not publicize these shows nor does he invite fans. You control who knows and who shows!

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