Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be part of a session recording a sea shanty with a wonderful group of singers for Episode 4 of my friends’ Katie and Chris’ Sea Hags Podcast. Without giving too much away, the Hags had Karmin as their guest this episode, talking about going to sea with her Da.

Out of the whole thing a song about Karmin’s experience was born: White Knuckling the Dodger. It’s a Stan Rogers-ish sea shanty sung a cappella (and recorded live off the floor with a single mic!), and I urge you to check out the podcast and listen to the song. You can download the song for free, and the Hags have even posted the lyrics and sheet music should you wish to shanty up your shack!

It was a lot of fun to record it and to work with such a great bunch of super-talented folk. I hope you enjoy it, and if you like what the Hags are up to, please subscribe to their tales from the Shanty by the Sea. I guarantee you they are a whole passel of fun.