Friday Night at the Logger’s Hall – Words & music: John Michael Lind

[G]Friday night the [C]boys go [D]to the [G]Logger’s Hall

Friday night [C]all the [D]girls go [G]too

Step outside with [C]someone [D]nice at the [G]Logger’s Hall

Steal a kiss [C]under that [D]silvery [G]moon


[C]The heart of the town beats [G]Friday night

[C]Wraps the week up [D]good and tight

[C]The Logger’s Hall makes [G]every[D]thing all [G]right.

[G]Friday night [C]Grampa [D]goes to the [G]Logger’s Hall

Friday night [C]Gramma [D]goes there [G]too

Stomp your boots and [C]twirl your [D]skirts at the [G]Logger’s Hall

It’s the place to [C]lose them [D]working [G]blues.


 [G]The band has flutes and [C]fiddles [D]at the [G]Logger’s Hall

Guitar, banjo [C]and a [D]gut bass [G]too

Keep them primed with [C]beer and [D]wine they’ll [G]play all night

They’re back next week cuz the [C]vibe’s so [D]sweet at the [G]Logger’s Hall.


Bridge: DDBmBmAADD

[G]Friday night it’s a [C]long walk [D]home from the [G]Logger’s Hall

Saturday morning it’s a [C]long walk [D]back for your [G]truck

It’s all worth it [C]Friday [D]night at the [G]Logger’s Hall

It’s all worth it when you [C]find some[D]one to [G]love.

Ch.  out