Just now, typing this title, I see that the word “revision” means a little more than I’ve always considered. It clearly says “re-vision,” as in take another look, give it another thought or two. Good to keep in mind.

I find song revisions emotionally challenging. Like our children, my songs are born perfect! lol It is difficult to change them. I guess, as with children, I’ll think about it from now on as helping my songs grow, helping them be the best song they can be. That feels better!

This song, now named Thank You Nature, was whelped pretty much ready to stand on its own feet. Didn’t need a whole lot of changes, as you can see in the picture. Not a lot of blue ink.

I’ll be revisiting the re-visioning at some point in the near future. I like to woodshed my songs, play them casually so I can learn what they need from me to go out into the world fully formed. Maybe Bob Dylan can write a great song on the spot, hey maybe I can too, for now I’m gonna work on this one!