The Princeton show was a really fun night. Cory Hawthorne & Horse Opera, both new-to-me acts, put on very entertaining shows. The audience was having a good time, into the music, and very welcoming as I took the stage and set up my gear.

I played mostly JML originals, plus a cover or two, and everyone seemed to enjoy it, even though I played my whole set through the monitors only. The PA didn’t get turned up at the change-over! Lol, the things that happen on stage. I was wondering why I was so quiet after Cory and the Opera were really loud and clear! People said they could hear me well, and understand the words, so that’s good. Since I don’t have to fight a loud drum kit and guitar amps I don’t have to be so loud. All good!

The staff at the Princeton were great as usual (BTW when you tip them they seem surprised!), the other acts were fun and cool to hang out with, and the audience was the kind of audience performers love: paying attention, singing, dancing and having themselves a good ‘ol time at the DoubleP!