Despite previous news to the contrary, the fantastic music venue, The Backstage Lounge on Granville Island is still open!

I’m sending this message to all my Vancouver & area fans. News to me, the Backstage Lounge didn’t close as was reported in 2017. It was all a big mix-up, and now the Lounge has had to endure a year of struggles because everyone thinks the place is closed.

It’s an excellent room for cold drinks and good food accompanied by some of Vancouver’s best musical talent. (Oh…did I mention I’m playing there this Saturday? No? OK, I will later). The sound is fantastic and the room is just so cosy and friendly.

So, ya, I’m opening for the band Footsteps Underground Saturday August 10. Good thing I’m well-rehearsed, as I’m preparing for two tours: my Fall 2019 Tour around Labour Day time; and my Hometown Tour where I’m looking to get in as many gigs as I can locally.

Showtime! 9:00pm Saturday August 10, 2019, Backstage Lounge, 1585 Johnston Street, Granville Island. Details.

I’ve had great success as a touring musician, and I find it ironic, though actually quite easily explained by the nature of the music biz in Vancouver, that it’s harder to get good gigs here in town. That’s because there are lots of excellent musicians in Vancouver, and many of the venues are turning into condos. Not a good equation. IGI, what businessperson (unless they’re a music fan and/or care about the state of live music in their town), what owner is happy to sell $1000 worth of booze a couple of nights a week when they can sell the place for millions to some developer?

So my PSA here is a gentle nudge to all you music lovers: get out there and support local music. If you don’t, who will? And another (semi-) self-serving suggestion: pay what you can for the show and if you like it buy some merchandise from the artists. That may well be the only money they see for their 6-hour investment of time on the day and years of practice beforehand. And when musicians pass the hat, it’s not for a tip. Often that’s all they get paid. Thanks.