I’m busy songwriting, getting material ready for recording in the new year. Lots of new songs are coming, it’s a bit of a bumper crop!

I’m also booking appearances around the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. It’s great again to be playing music live, in real places for real people! You will find appearance dates on my Upcoming Shows page here.

I’m always happy to play house concerts, contact me about available dates at JML@JMLmusic.com

There’s some new JML video out, and more coming, from a couple of recent performances. Check it out here.

Swag! I also have new JML merchandise, available at all shows, or you can order it directly from me at JML@JMLmusic.com. I guess it’s about time to set up a merch/swag page at the least, maybe even a store. It’s nice swag, and people are loving it! In addition to CDs of my EP Out on the Land, I have digital download cards for those without a CD player (I’m seeing that more and more, wondering if I should press any physical copies at all of my next CD); men’s & women’s JML t-shirts; sweet vinyl stickers that stick and stay!; and my new JML cloth shopping bags. The environmentally sensitive swag bag!

As usual, feel free to contact me with questions or booking requests at JML@JMLmusic.com