I’m putting finishing touches on some new songs, they’ll be ready for public consumption soon. Playing them for an audience is the best way to get them in shape for the next record.

Also, I’m providing relief from the comedians at a local comedy night this Friday (Details). And I’m booking a Fall Tour through BC. That’s a time-consuming task, I must say! You know, between the booking of shows and tours (all of which I do myself!), the advertising and promo, the postering, the radio, the newspapers, the online (all of which I do myself!), the driving (all of which I do myself!), the setting up, the tearing down (all of which I do myself!), and the playing (all of which I do myself!), not to mention the 10,000 tasks needed to run a small business (all of which I do myself!), I put in a good 10 – 12 hours per SHOW!
Yep, it surprised even me when I added it all up. Good thing I love doing it, and thank goodness for all those moments of magic with you lovely audiences. Thank you all!

I now have a basic home studio, where I’m recording demos of my new songs. It’s been a long time since I’ve been hands-on in a studio – I’ve (wisely!) left the tekky stuff in the hands of my producers and engineers. So this will be fun. I think the biggest challenge for me will be NOT going down the infinite rabbit hole that is mixing/editing music. I hope to be content with demos that show my songs, and I’ll let others shine these dusky jewels!

I’m putting together a little contest for all you fans where you can be the first to get a recording (albeit a home-made demo!) of a new JML song. Watch your in-baskets for news.

I hope to see you soon.