I know there are musicians among my followers, and this post is primarily for you. I’m sure others are interested in such things as PROs and streaming rates for musicians, just not so much as musicians are!

The Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, is “the largest independent college of contemporary music in the world” according to Wikipedia. They publish the Music Business Journal, a great resource for those who are interested in developments in the music business.

The MBJ is a student publication with editorial oversight, and I’ve found it to be a much better information source than most on-line news sites. The MBJ creates its own content, it’s not simply an aggregator, and the editorial oversight makes their news a little more trustworthy and in-depth than I’ve found most other places. From their site:

“Mission Statement

The Music Business Journal, published at Berklee College of Music, is a student publication that serves as a forum for intellectual discussion and research into the various aspects of the music business. The goal is to inform and educate aspiring music professionals, connect them with the industry, and raise the academic level and interest inside and outside the Berklee Community.

A Brief History

The Music Business Journal was created by K. Min, a Berklee student, and Dr. Peter Alhadeff, Professor of Music Business/Management at Berklee.

Since its inaugural issue in March of 2005, the MBJ has advanced the understanding of the music business for Berklee and other college students, as well as industry professionals. Contributions are welcome, and publication is subject to editorial approval. A minimum of five issues are printed each year, i.e. at least two in fall, at least two in spring, and one during the summer.”